McCain & Obama: He called me names!, He pulled my hair!

If you are watching the 3rd presidential debate right now you know exactly what this title is about.  The first half of the debate was spent with each candidate complaining about the attack ads from each side. 

Honestly, I think this might have been McCain's strongest debate so far.  Yet, I still wouldn't call it any better for him than a tie.

At first I was upset that so much time was spent on the ads and attacks, but I'm glad that Obama got a national chance to dispel the false attacks from McCain about William Ayers and A.C.O.R.N.

As an Obama supporter, and as my first time ever supporting a Democrat, I know Corey and I may have seen this debate differently.  However, I do think that America is ready for a change.  And if the polls hold steady, it looks like Obama will get that chance to change America for the better.


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