OH Really O'Reilly?



SO...Unfortunately Bill O'Reilly is another person who A) Doesn't know anything about the U.S. Constitution or Supreme Court precedent and B) Has never read the bible.

This was all made apparent in this video. Watch the video, then read Wayne Bessen's article which is directly below:

Response by Wayne Bessen of TruthWinsOut.org, since O'Reilly didn't let him talk:

Last night, I was on FOX’s O’Reilly Factor to discuss my column on race and Prop. 8. I was on with Jasmyne Cannick who wrote a shameful article in the LA Times.

I felt the lead into the show was unfair. It looked as if gay people were hooligans and troublemakers. In reality, the protests across the nation have been peaceful. The show also said there were only 1,000 protesters in New York. I was there and there were more then 10,000.

What people like O’Reilly and others don’t seem to understand is that we deserve to be angry. After all, a majority actually voted away our marriages - as if our nation’s laws are a product of mob rule, with no rights for minorities. Do they expect us to be all smiles? Do they understand the gravity and gall of what they have done? How would they react if their marriages had been endlessly debated, lied about and then voted away? There would likely be hell to pay and riots in the streets if straight people, or a particular faith, had their loving marriages destroyed by majority vote.

As far as Ms. Cannick? Her appearance speaks for itself, as do her radical ideas, such as white people should not eat soulfood or win awards at all black colleges. If you are for pitting people against each other and dividing people by race - then you probably love her. If you are a person who believes in equality for all and judging people by the content of their character, you probably were not a big fan of Ms. Cannick. Her main problem is that she offers copius criticism, but never offers real solutions.

There is a also a disturbing trend where the right wing groups and media distort what is going on at these protests. It is really vile how these professed Christians so easily lie in the name of the Lord. It’s as if they have no dignity, no shame, no scruples, no morals, and no decency - even as they prattle on about their superior values. They are dreadful “witnesses” for their religon. For every political battle they win, they turn off millions of people. In this sense, the Prop 8 battle was an enormous defeat for anti-gay religious groups.

This is a battle we are going to win if we harness the energy at these rallies into tangible action. I can assure you that truth will win out. I look forward to working with the people I have met across this nation to have an impact and make a difference. Hang in there. Victory is closer than many of us imagine.

Once again, that was an article by Wayne Bessen of TruthWinsOut.org


ztkraptor said...

Blacks are fucking stupid
anyone who doesn't agree with you doesn't understand what they are talking about.
The Mormons are fucking stupid and are racist? When did homosexuality become a "minority"
I mean i understand the technicality of the word but are they now a race?

here is an Idea. leave the country, if you don't like democracy LEAVE.(The point of an Amendment is to do that..amend the constitution so that it is LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL to do something such as ban gay marriage) Thats what I have to say. I'm sick and tired of bending over backwards to please every single person in America. DEAL WITH IT!~~~
I'm honestly getting tired of it.
Oh and so much for gays being "peaceful" beat up on more old women plzkthx

Anonymous said...

Your rhetoric suggests that I have a "black and white" mindset. I do not.

Things are not as simple as your sarcasm suggests.

I do not believe that all people of any specific race are inherently stupid.

I do not believe that any people of any specific creed are inherently stupid.

You seem confused.

Here's the definition of "minority" from Webster.com:

"The smaller in number of two groups constituting a whole; specifically: a group having less than the number of votes necessary for control 3 a: a part of a population differing from others in some characteristics and often subjected to differential treatment."

That should clarify the word choice for you.

"here is an Idea. leave the country, if you don't like democracy LEAVE."

- A Majority vote does not equate to constitutionality. I hope that you understand this concept. But seeing as how you avoid the legal aspect of our debates, you probably do not. At least the California Supreme Court and EVEN Arnold Schwarzenegger understands this.

And as for that old woman who's cross was taken from her and broken...

The act was wrong. The act was rare. SHE WAS NOT BEATEN.

This bears repeating: she was not beaten.

They took the cross from her after she walked INTO the middle of a protest by herself. She decided to WALK into the middle of an emotional crowd, many of which had just recently had their Constitutional Rights taken away.

And if you have ever been to any protest in your life, you know that this was a stupid decison on her part to walk, alone, into a crowd of protesters.

Regardless, they broke her Styrofoam cross and that was that. She wasn't injured.

If you have ever been to any protest before, you KNOW that this should not be surprising.

Just as I blogged before, FOXnews gave this story a biased title and overtone.

On November the 15th from Anchorage, Alaska to Boston, Massachusetts individuals, gay and straight gathered by the thousands in cities, both large and small, in order to implement their first amendment rights in an effort to attain, what should be, inherently guaranteed constitutional rights.

The worst story you could find was that an old lady walked into the middle of a crowd in counter-protest and her prop of bigotry was taken and broken...

Was it right? no. Was it the end of the world or surprising? no.

Steve, honestly, do you have a reason for there not to be equal rights?