Religion & Ignorance Go Hand-in-Hand to Ban Same-sex Marriage

* I re-wrote this and added a video at the end, I was angry before, I think this better represents my feelings now*

California - The California Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Equality in Marriage is overturned by the religious, the less educated, and the right-wing.

As the exit polls are showing:

The Less educated-
People with only a high school, or some college education voted to ban same-sex marriage.

The More Educated-
Those with a college degree or postgraduate degree voted with the California State Supreme Court to keep same-sex marriage equality.

Those who declared themselves to be followers of a religion voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban.

Those who declared no religious affiliation voted 91% in favor of equality.

Those who attended church weekly voted 82% in favor of banning equal marriage rights.

Those who never attend church voted 85% in favor of equality.

White Evangelicals and "Born Again" voted 80% in favor of a ban.

People in Urban areas voted against the ban.
Those in Rural areas voted for the ban.

Presidential Supporters-
McCain supporters voted 82% in favor of the ban. John McCain favored state by state bans, as he even appeared in a state advertisement before.
Obama supporters voted 68% against the ban.

Arizona and Florida voted the same way with very similar exit poll results.

So if you haven't gathered it yet:
The less educated, the religious, and the right-wing have decided that I am not an equal person - deserving of equal rights (marriage comes with about 1,200 rights depending on the state you live in)- RIGHTS that are supposed to be guaranteed under the United States Constitution as confirmed by the California Supreme Court.

Did you know that you can get married by walking into City Hall and signing papers, nothing religious required? It's 100% true.

Did you know that the government cannot make a law based on a religous view unless it serves a substantial government interest? This is also 100% true!

Anyone who understands constitutional law... (like say... The CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT)... knows that this ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional.

I challenge anyone to provide a legitimate reason as to why the government would ban same-sex marriages. Legally speaking it cannot be based on a religious reason.

Hint: There isn't one!

If anyone ever wondered why I dislike religion and ignorance of the law THIS is just one of the many reasons.

In California the less educated, closed-minded religious people (note that I didn't say all religious people are closed-minded) who live sectioned off and away from the vast majority of (open) homosexuals and the diverse people in the cities... for some reason... think that they are allowed to judge, run, and ruin people's lives.

Thousands of same-sex couples are now suddenly no longer legally recognized as equals in California.

Those who voted for Proposition 8 were religious, less educated, and living in their made-up dream world where homosexuals aren't people, but sinners. They worship a god whose existence they cannot even prove.

If these people cannot even tolerate, much less accept me, why should I tolerate them? Why can't they just leave homosexuals alone?

At first I felt defeated today. I will admit that I even cried. But I'm not going to give up. And maybe because I refuse to give up, someday, I will be treated as an equal human being in the eyes of the law.

I do not need your acceptance, I just want the equality guaranteed to me under the United States Constitution.



ztkraptor said...

This is the hypocrisy of the left.
this is the SECOND TIME that it has been voted BY THE PEOPLE!!

The first time the courts intervered and TURNED the vote around. THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Voted this in. THIS IS DEMOCRACY!!! Regardless of what "idiots" voted for it.
Pretty sad that a Liberal President can win by 7 million votes, because they went in and pushed "Straight vote Democrat"
However, when the proposition came up, and they read it a light bulb went off.
SOOOO Welcome to America. Where the PEOPLE decide, regardless of religion or their level of intelligence.
You need to accept the vote, instead of protesting the PEOPLE.
Welcome to it.
(PS U know I love you) :)

CRH said...

I also find it quite funny that the people protesting in the streets are the same people in 2000 that were protesting Bush's victory after the supreme court decision. I believe their signs read "Elect Don't Select!"


Anonymous said...

The issue here isn't whether or not the general public feels a certain way.

The issue is whether or not the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional.

And it isn't. Not one bit.

Those who understand constitutional law would know this. Hence, why the Supreme Court of California said it was unconstitutional.

Majority Opinion in an uneducated democracy does not equate to correctness.

ztkraptor said...

I do believe that the Constitution was written by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE.
Since when was it written
BY the COURTS for the Courts.
The people spoke. And now you want to AGAIN take away Democracy?!?!
Don't forget, this wasn't the first time this was voted on.
Why do we vote on anything then?!?!
Why not just let the courts and the government decide what is right and what is wrong. I mean FREE people created this country. Why should we not have the FREEDOM to have the laws that we as a society select people to represent us to create?
What is the point of having a country? WHAT IS THE POINT!?!?!?

I have no problem with you having your civil union, and having all the rights that a married couple has.

Anonymous said...

"I do believe that the Constitution was written by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE. "


But now the PEOPLE, particularly those who are uneducated, have voted on this issue without even knowing a thing about the U.S. Constitution.

A constitution that the EDUCATED PEOPLE wrote for us to help govern over us.

A democracy doesn't mean that we must allow the uneducated to pass a law that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL simply because they are in the majority.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment Dan Dominick left me on AIM:

"dude......just wanted to make a general comment......i know i'm not necessarily on the same side of the "line" as you.......but your post about California is so true.......there is NO legal argument that is NOT rooted in religious bigotry that supports a ban on same-sex marriage......

same-sex marriage being allowed isn't gonna affect the status of my parents' marriage or my cousin's marriage or my future marriage or any straight marriage.........and it is the most anti-Biblical of all concepts, to be intolerant, to be unforgiving, to be merciless

and i gotta admit it was so nice to read your blog

ok i'm done bein all sappy and whatnot......catch yah later bud"

Just thought I would share.

Special K said...

This isn't something that should be voted upon. It's like saying "well if we vote on slavery, then it's acceptable." That's bullshit; people have certain rights that they should be guaranteed for the sole fact that they are human. We look back in disgust how years ago the american people saw African Americans as less than human when we are doing the same thing now with homosexuals. To deny them the right to get married is to say that they are on a lower level than the human race. We would never vote on straight marriage, that's preposterous; straight people have the right to get married. Well so do the gays.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, ztkraptor, but I have to disagree. You can NOT allow a majority of BIGOTS to control the rights of ANY minority! If you did, do you REALLY think BLACK PEOPLE would have any rights TODAY?

Anonymous said...

Correctomundo to that X_USMC_VET