US versus THEM

Bush, McCain, and Palin couldn't make a speech like this to save their lives. One reason: because they simply do not have the skills.

But it goes much deeper than that!

Some people like to say that Obama is a smooth talker and nothing more, but it doesn't take much to realize the other reasons as to why Bush or McCain or Palin would never say these words. They aren't "unificators," as Bush might say. They are dividers.

They approach life with an "US versus THEM" attitude.

McCain and Palin said that there were parts of the country that were pro-American and parts that were anti-American. That some parts of the country contained real Americans and some did not.

"US versus THEM"

So many have tried to call Obama a communist because he wants to tax the rich more and give more assistance to the poor. Bush, McCain, and Palin believe that rich people should keep every penny they make. As if all poor people are lazy or undeserving of help. As if someone making $15 million a year instead of $18 million a year is being treated unfairly as other families struggle to put food on the table, to educate their children, or to make rent payments...

"US versus THEM"

McCain and Palin see homosexual marriage as a threat to straight religious people's views on how things should be. They think that LGBT people shouldn't be treated equally. They want to make an amendment to the constitution to ban same-sex marriages as if gay people are not real people. As if I am not someone's son. As if I am not someone's grandson. As if I am not someone's brother. As if my love for another person is somehow inferior...

"US versus THEM"

Taking a stance other than being in favor of the Iraq war somehow meant that you were against the troops. They said it was "unpatriotic." For some reason, it's un-American and un-patriotic to disagree on an issue as big as WAR. For some reason you are either pro-Iraq war or you are against our soldiers and against America...

"US versus THEM"

Let's face it: life is not that black and white, things aren't that simple, and this mentality and these words do nothing good for this country or the world. They spread lies, they unfairly categorize people. These are ignorant words spread by narrow-minded people. Words like these can only cause further division.

You will never hear the words like you heard here in this video coming from John McCain or Sarah Palin, because they don't understand this country or care about people who aren't just like them. They don't care about you and they don't care about me.

McCain pointed at Obama during the second debate and called him "That one." Well I really hope that "that one" wins. Because I've had enough division these past 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Obama is more divisive on issues that have stronger and more direct effects to more Americans.

He's basically running his campaign while flipping off the rich in this country. Just wait til they flip back. Its going to hurt all of us.

Class warfare is most the dangerous form of divisiveness.

ztkraptor said...

because it is Us vs Them.
It has been since the beginning of our Republic.
It was Us vs Them during the Revolution
It was Us vs Them during the Civil war
It was Us vs Them during the World Wars
It was Us Vs Them during the Cold war
And it is now
Us vs Them. Where as socialism is making a break for the leading roll In America.

We need more Us Vs Them talk. There is way to much "we can all get along" speak going on In America. We can not coexist with Socialists, its just not possible.
Obama is really nothing but a pretty painted empty shell. That offers nothing but empty promises. A good speaker, and a nice guy doesn't really mean "great for our country"
I'm not saying McCain is the correct pick. However, Obama is a fabrication of the media. The media is in his pockets, and obviously will not dare cross him.

It is Us vs Them. It always has been, and it always will be.
And until people accept it, and gain the ability to actually make rational decisions based upon the presented information that they have available to them. The country will find itself in a downward spiral.
We have so wandered from our Constitution that people have no clue what is even in it anymore.
I hear terms thrown around such as "Separation of Church and State" and what not. Americans are nothing but fat stupid people. Just as any other country sees us. Because we refuse to take the time to educate ourselves on the issues.
We let the media do it for us.

Again, it is and ever shall be Us vs Them..good vs evil..

Anonymous said...

"Obama is more divisive on issues that have stronger and more direct effects to more Americans."

- so we should just let all of the issues that don't matter to everyone be kicked to the curb? I don't think you mean this, but that's how that statement comes off.

"He's basically running his campaign while flipping off the rich in this country. Just wait til they flip back. Its going to hurt all of us."

- If you ask me, many of the rich have already been flipping us off. however, it is safe to say that not all rich people are going to vote McCain. So, some of the rich might try to retaliate, but I'd rather try to hold people accountable for their actions than just let them do whatever they want.

"Class warfare is most the dangerous form of divisiveness."

- Giving up on the possibility of something better seems even worse to me.

Kaytie Clope said...


Kayla Labunski said...

Think about the underlying reason he is "flipping off the rich"...

The retired couple that cant afford their meds so a 78 yr old man is sent back to work...
The 21 year old college student that cant afford his loans and needs to take a semester off..
The family of 5 that cant afford their mortgage anymore so are forced to sell their home..

There are REASONS Obama is "flipping off the rich". If the rich is going to "flip back", then a strong place in hell will be reserved for them if they cant open their eyes and see the all the people its helping.

Anonymous said...

For any Christians reading this blog and immediately feel judgmental, consider this. I believe abortion is wrong. Period. Do I believe homosexuality goes against what I believe? Yes, but I also believe lying, cheating, stealing, disrespect, gluttony, judgment, hate...all of those things are wrong too. So before you judge someones lifestyle choice, consider your own. I have been guilty of this in the past, and I have given Christians a bad rep, and am truly ashamed for it. Please do not NOT vote for someone who supports gay marriage (I hope you read that sentence correctly). This is even hard for me to say, but just because someone believes abortion should be legal, doesn't mean they will be a lousy president. Yes, I want our president to be a moral person. I want him to be compassionate on the world and reach out to others. He doesn't have to be a Christian. I feel like we cannot judge how good a president will be by if he does or doesn't support gay marriage and abortion. Do research. Find out really why you want to vote for them. Don't just do it because of those two issues. Be open minded. Oh, and read this blog often...he has great ideas and great things to consider.

CRH said...

Thank you for your comments....I agree ztkraptor..."Us vs them" is inevitable....and to think that Obama doesn't think that way too is ridiculous

Kayla--there are already many social progams to help out each and every one of those scenarios in Obama's "commercial". The media doesn't want you to realize this neither does Obama because it gives him the power to take the place as the "almighty provider". Its obviously working....
And there's no such thing as hell, so that doesn't seem like a threatening consequence for the rich....the rich help out more people in this country than the Feds could dream about helping....who provides job? who owns all these companies that are writing paychecks? last time i checked it wasn't a poor man....

One comment on Obama's commercial....to the lady that had to decide between a gallon or half gallon of milk....how about you cut back on the acrylic nails first, cuz i know they're not cheap....people have to realize needs vs wants....

To the second anonymous...I agree. In my opinion those issues shouldn't even be talked about in the presidential election. They should be decided by the individual states.....that's just me....

I'll be honest I was the first anonymous comment...idk why it showed up anonymous...I guess I'm used to already being signed in as the blog's author and I just clicked submit w/o looking....