Surviving the "Holidays": An Atheist's Lament

I recently had a discussion with people about the so-called "Holiday Season" that we are already beginning to be inundated in.

As an atheist, I see Christmas as more evidence that many (NOTE: not all) religious people do not know what they truly believe, much less what they are doing, or how to THINK rationally about what they are saying and doing.

Christmas was supposed to be about the virgin birth of an alleged "Savior" who actually is "god," in human form coming to die for our sins, that we committed against him... so I guess he's apologizing to himself for our sins offending him (so it's already unbelievable).

Anyway.... we somehow get Santa, evergreen trees being cut down and pulled indoors, another plant hanging from the ceiling to prompt kissing, lights being put on the outside of houses, and ridiculous consumer overspending on items that usually aren't deemed to be "necessities."

The phrases like..."buy now and save" do not make any sense either. Think about it... "buy now and save"... or "don't buy it at all because you don't need it and save all of your money that you would have otherwise wasted."

Religious holidays do not make sense and neither do the commercials that accompany them... yet people gobble this crap up like its crack.

Christmas= Santa and overspending

Easter= candy, hiding eggs, and bunnies?

Semi-secular Thanksgiving (initially was thanking "God" for good harvests, even though the people had done all the work) = Parades, Football, Overeating, and of course, Black Friday (consumer mania, once again, usually for non-necessities).

So what's my point?

"WHY are YOU ATTACKING religion!?!?"

"Why can't you just let people be happy?"

"Why can't you just enjoy the holidays like everyone else?"

- Why? - Because its all made up, pointless, and frankly, it insults my intelligence.

I'm pointing out how none of this makes sense and how our country is filled with consumers rather than thinkers. Do people even know why they do what they do? Do people even have the capability to stop, think, and rationalize their holiday-related actions?

I wish they did.

Feel free to hate on me.


Anonymous said...

Christmas is not nor has it ever been a religious holiday. The "birth" of Jesus is actually believed to have been in September, not December. Christmas has all its origins from paganism. In Babylon (a city condemned by the bible and yet we stole its holiday) Dec. 25th was celebrated as the birth of the son of Isis, the nature god. People partied, over-ate, drank and exchanged gifts. The more popular holiday at this time is the pagan holiday Yule. It is the celebration of the Sun god. Now Santa is another story. He stems from the germanic god Odin who, on the night of Yule, would lead a hunting party across the sky with his 8-legged horse. Kids would fill their shoes with carrots and other food for the horse and Odin would take the carrots and replace them with a gift for the children.

See, just like every other religious holiday, there is a pagan one hiding behind it. But go, enjoy time with your family, drink your egg nog and buy each other gifts; this is a time to enjoy one another's company Jesus or no Jesus. And Dave, quit being so goddamn negative. Love you,


Anonymous said...


Blind followings in mass numbers for no good reason really get me going for some reason.

You know the history Mr. Kevin, but you aren't looking at present day rationale.

The Cynic