Dear Mr. Obama,

This video was independently made and posted on YouTube.
No money from the McCain campaign was used to make it.
McCain would never use the soldiers for political gain, unlike Obama (Tammy Duckworth) and the Democrats (Cindy Sheehan, anyone?)....


kaytie said...

this is an awesome video -- but obama doesn't think the war was a mistake. he thinks the technicalities of it are wrong... that we could have done it a different way and been more successful

Snoop said...

Let this young chap fund the war himself then

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. I'm so sick of the exploitation that we should NEVER question military action or that someone who DOES question it is somehow LESS American. The song at the end tells it all. YOU'RE proud to be an American by supporting the war in Iraq. Does that mean I'm NOT proud to be an American because I oppose it?

Iraq is NOT Afghanistan. Iraq did NOT attack us. There was NOT terrorism in Iraq before we invaded (civics lesson: Saddam prevented Islamic extremists because he viewed them as a threat to his secular dictatorship). My point is that Iraq, unlike Afghanistan, is a war of CHOICE, not of NECESSITY. If we are unable to question and doubt and disapprove of UNNECESSARY wars, then what voice do we as Americans have to PROTEST (a 1st Amendment right)? According to this guy, and all others like him, we should just "take the government's word for it" and "let them do as they please" when it comes to war.

People aren't that stupid, soldier. Seriously. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice, I truly mean that. But don't claim to be fighting for my freedom, and then threaten it in the next breath by implying that I'm a "traitor" or "unpatriotic" when I exercise one of those very freedoms that you are claiming to protect.