Priest: Jesus Wasn't God, Mary Not a Virgin

An Australian priest has written a book saying that the Bible is faulty and that Jesus was just a man.

Furthermore, he states that Mary was not a virgin. He also says that Mary had several other kids.

One priest, in response, said that:

“The Council of Nicaea settled the question that Christ was God in 325, so he is 1700 years out of date...The rest is a regurgitation of every discredited 19th-century liberal Protestant German cliche in the book.”

It's interesting how a group of men who all want to believe in one thing can get together and agree upon it. Apparently that equates to absolute undeniable truth.

Wait no, it's not interesting. It's illogical, irrational, not valid, so on and so forth.

I can get together with a bunch of people who believe in The Flying Spaghetti Monster and we call all agree that he is "God."

Does that make it true? No.

The Council of Nicaea is a cool old-time sounding name, but other than that, they haven't proven a single thing.


CRH said...

I read this on FoxNews and was like "totally blog-worthy".....only to see you beat me to the punch.....haha

Anonymous said...

hahahaha yah that's where I found it too.