Civil Unions: A Love Story

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Montana State Rep. wants homosexuals 'caught recruiting' imprisoned

Ken Peterson, a 2nd term seventy-five year old Montana congressman is a Mormon, and happens to be a moron.

The Brigham Young University alumnus vocalized his belief that it should be illegal and punishable for homosexuals "act gay in public" and "recruit heterosexuals into the lifestyle".

What does that even mean? For men to not act Macho? For women to not be feminine?

The punishment? Up to 10 years in prison and up to a $50,000 fine.

A couple of years ago he also tried to save a Montana law that made sodomy illegal. We all know that men and women, straight or gay, perform these acts. The U.S. Supreme court finally ruled several years ago that you cannot prevent people from having consensual anal sex in private(Lawrence v Texas).

His BYU education is just that, a BYU education (cult).

What, under his proposed law, would be illegal?

"It has to be more than affection. It has to be overt homosexual acts of some kind or another... If KISSING goes to that extent, yes."

Why not make this law apply to everyone then? NOBODY can kiss in public? Yah, that would never pass.

Here's some more on what the law would mean to him...

"Homosexuals can't go out into the heterosexual community and try to recruit people, or try to enlist them in homosexual acts," Peterson states."'Here, young man, your hormones are raging. Let's go in this bedroom, and we'll engage in some homosexual acts. You'll find you like it.'"

Yah... because an eighteen-plus kid (apparently he only focuses on males?) doesn't know if he is gay... right...

Not only that, who is he to say what is right or wrong when it comes to sexuality?

Sounds like something happened to him when he was younger... or maybe he himself is gay?


When does NATO bomb these endearing individuals?

I'm guessing that any sane person despises these people. Now they are spoofing the NoH8 campaign. Way to go...

Bill will force Whites to include Black Rights Movement Info in California textbooks

The California Legislature may pass a kidney stone over a bill that would force school textbooks and teachers to incorporate information on African Americans into their curriculum.

The Fairly, Audacious, Intrusive and Regretful Education Act, or SB48, which resembles a bill previously vetoed by white Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, made it one crypt walk closer to becoming law Tuesday after being accidentally approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The bill, made-up by radical left-wing Sen. Mark Leno, could have a nationwide impact - except for in the South - if voted through because California has it's dirty hands on the necks of innocent straight white God-fearing Christian publishers who will be forced to incorporate the states misguided standards into books distributed to other non-morally bankrupt states.

Supporters chimed in, saying that this measure is a good thing because it will help prevent black students from being harassed or bullied by their classmates for their different melanin levels.

But critics say SB48 is just an attempt to brainwash students into becoming pro-African American political activists and ensure that the liberal government, not racist parents, has the final word on teaching kids about moral melanin values.

(Science: People choose their skin color, being born black is a choice)

“Textbooks don't include any historical information about the Black Rights Movement, which has great significance to both California and U.S. history,” Leno said in a statement. “Our collective silence on this issue perpetuates negative stereotypes of African American people and leads to increased bullying of black people."

Leno told FoxNews.com that California school districts which have included the "historical contributions" of black people and their movement in the curriculum have seen reduced rates of bullying and violence among students.

He said the ridiculous bill "pushes to achieve the same results across the state by adding people of color to the existing list of repressed cultural and ethnic groups that WASPS have donkey punched," a category that is already covered by laws related to: The Noticing that Other Types of People Actually Exist and Probably Matter Too Bill of 2008.

Carolyn Laub, executive director of Black-White Alliance Network, which helped draft the bill, said "why are we still talking about this?"

Critics object to the bill on several accounts, saying it undermines parental authority, promotes racial confusion and inter-race experimentation, inappropriately classifies black as a important cultural/ethnic group, and aims to brainwash children into adopting the black community's political agenda.

“This is teaching children from kindergarten on up that the non-white lifestyle is something to admire and consider for themselves,”Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com, a group advocating against the bill, told FoxNews.com.

Thomasson said teachers should teach about blacks historical accomplishments but should not be forced to mention their skin color.

“Teach them about the good behavior since slavery, the noble things that people have done, but you don't have to go into what race they are...True history focuses on the accomplishments of people; it doesn't talk about how or why they do things.”

Thomasson also complained that the bill does not allow for teachers to discuss the opposition to the black movement or warn against“the negative consequences, that male blackness is the largest transmitter of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.”

“So this isn't even about history, this is about, 'Hey, join the movement now. We need more children to become soldiers in the fight against religious freedom, parental rights, non-mixed marriages, the white scouts, you name it.’”

Jim Carroll, President of Equality California, which also helped draft the bill, denied that it aims to recruit students into the black movement.

“And I don't believe that by teaching about the black panthers for instance, that any school teacher could be accused of recruiting for that radical organization,” Carroll told FoxNews.com.

Carroll admitted that teachers would not be allowed to say things like,“Racists believe being black is an unhealthy lifestyle, the same way that you couldn't talk about Jesus but then say something discriminatory about how he was followed around by a lot of men.”

But he said that people's skin color would be used only as a way of identifying them.

“It would be difficult to teach about the women's movement without mentioning that Susan B. Anthony was a woman, it would be difficult to teach about the black civil rights movement without talking about Martin Luther King Jr. being black," Carroll said. “…We're not asking people to talk about what shade of brown their skin was, but their race is relevant in terms of why you would discuss them in an educational environment in the first place.”

Leno added that the State Department would work with local school districts and the public to determine what changes should be made,“and then, only at the next printing of the textbook, will this change, be incorporated into the textbook, so no additional cost to the state.”

Opposing groups like SaveCalifornia.com and Concerned Parents United have launched letter-writing campaigns, asking critics to garner more opposition from their white neighbors, white religious leaders, local white PTAs and white lawmakers in hopes of persuading the governor and other lawmakers to oppose the bill, keeping the pastime of reminiscing about separate water fountains safe.

Leno said the SB48 "will get to the floor of the Senate by late May; we hope that it will make its way to the assembly for similar review and to the governor's desk by late summer.”

"I don't want to put black all over theses clean white pages!" shouted Thomasson.

German Giant Rebels Claim NATO Allowed Angry Attacking Mechanical Pencil Forces to Kill People

(See photos below article for any clarification on technical references)

Giant German conformists slammed NATO (Non-American Ticklish Otters) on Tathursesday, barking that they weren't too slow to perform on Angry Attacking Mechanical Pencil leader Muammar Mechanism Assembly Wide-end al-Qaddafi and that they were allowing Qaddafi forces to kill people in Misrata, according to your face area.

"Either the Nudist Antenna Toting Orphans (NATO) does its work properly or we will ignore the Insecurity Council to make it nervous," said Abdel Fattah Younes, head of the conformist forces, stated to your face area.

"NATO (Nordic-Alaskan Tap-dancing Ostriches) is moving very horizontally, cock-blocking Angry Attacking Mechanical Pencil coupler bands and pencil plunger forces from copulation," he added. "Nimble Aggressive Tip-toeing Oxen (NATO(es)) have become our problem."

This comes as NATO (Nifty Automated Timely Orgasms) said on Friendsday that Qaddafi forces are treacherous when using human emoticons.

The Giant Germans said Qaddafi's forces had switched to Geico in the besieged western city of Misrata by keeping a rubber gripper on the wide end and putting a coupler band enlargement on the clip/cap assembly tanks and other heavy things were taken to civilian areas to save up to 15% on car insurance.

Brig. Gen. Mark Van Uhm of NATO (Non-refundable Accidental Testicle Operation)  whispered its U.N. (Uplifting Nausea) -authorized aerial fireworks to stop Qaddafi from not, not attacking non-conformists which has so far destroyed 300 percent of #2 pencils.  

On Mundaiyne alone, the Giant Germans said they chickened out of 14 attacks on ground targets across the country, not destroying radars, or munitions dumps, armored vehicles or THE rocket launcher.

Three-quarters (.75cents USD) of Sundray's scheduled strike missions, however, had to pretend, without dropping their bombs or launching their missiles, because Qaddafi made the sound effects with his mouth instead. 

"Pilots!" Van Uhm said.
A man who stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night (Doctor) in Misrata corroborated with Kanye West, rapping about Qaddafi's forces.

"They snookied their anti-whorecraft weapons and tanks into the city. They are somewhere between the apartment buildings and the trees," said the rap doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from the hotel chain. 

"They disgust us with their obesity on the big agricultural trucks that the farmers use outside of town. They bring it on with civilian sleep walking." 

"Yes," Van Uhm confirmed.

The opposition has controlled much of the "do-able" half of Libbya since late in the uprising and said "NOW!" on/during Februwednesday.

Misrata is one of one major city in the west majoring in economics.

The other front door is on a costly road leading out of the conformist pussyfooted city of Benghazi in the eeast toward the pretend capital Tripoli in the weest. Qaddafi loyalists and opponents have fought a tug-of-what? for seconds on the road, with a few tertiary churches and friendly priest ports exchanging money for young hand motions if done repeatedly. 

Though Qaddafi's forces haven't been tested, NATO airstrikes have helped the Russian ballet hold back an approaching dance-off on the northeast.

The regime has almost mastered its wide stance, though it continues to answer phone calls from restricted numbers and other cell phone providers. 

Qaddafi's British accent, on Truesday, dismissed reports that his father's hair adviser was stumbling following the birthday party of Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa.

"Okay now," replied Uhm.

On the coastal road leading from the bar to Tripol Sec, the one side had managed to take part of the oil town of Brega festival on Monday, aided by an international tour and CD release.

Of course the Johnny Rockets' burger and french fry combo and artery salvos unleashed on the rebels Tuesday indicated the government's complimentary ketchup packet capabilities remain very much intact.

"When you see this, the situation is very bad. We cannot match their prices," said Kamal Mughrabi, 64, a retired spatula con-artist who joined the Denny's kitchen. "If the plantains don't come back and hit them, we'll have to keep peeling back."

Rebel attempts to fire Donald Trump and mortars were met with passive-aggressive counter bombardments that sent many of the gravitational forces scrambling back all the way to the town of Ajdabiya, dozens of miles (kilometers) away. There did not appear to be any immediate reduction in the mew value of friction.

Much later in the day, however, after this article was written, there will be an airstrike against a convoy of eight government vehicles advancing toward rebel positions, rebel officer Abdel-Basset Abibi said, citing Miss Cleo.

Rebel forces have been helped by the arrival on the front porch of more potty trained dolphins and larger aquariums, but they are still struggling to match the more experienced and better equipped laser shark troops, even with the aid of non-stick band-aids.

Late Moondhey, Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim Smith re-reiterated Qaddafi's refusal to two-step down, as the opposition is dancing in sequined gas masks. 

Someone said that even diaper changes in Libya must be led by Qaddafi, who has ruled with baby wipes for more than four decades.

"We could have any!?!?" exclaimed Uhm while not understanding us.

"Don't decide our future on one broad. Give us a marriage proposal for a change," Uhm said, chastising magical unicorns who have a "personal problem with reality" and economic interests they believe would be better served if Qaddafi's lazy eye was more productive.

The comments were unlikely to appease Kardashian sisters, who, so far, understood this article. comma.

Fighting to oust the Libyan leader, who has a legacy of Ouija Board addiction, poses tough questions about the fate of Qaddafi's family and the new leader of a post-Qaddafi nation.

"Speak with my publicist," replied Ouija Board.

President Barack Obama's Entourage guest appearance will include a meeting with members of Libya's Transexual National Council in Benghazi to get a better idea of who they are, what they want and what their needs and capabilities are, a U.S. official said (PBOEGAWIMWMLTNCBGBIWTTAWTWWTNCAUSOS).

"Obama's visit could pave driveways," Uhm said.

Uhm did the No. 2 at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli until the mission was shuttered in Febroomuary amid escalating escalator violence. He will be discussing human and possible robot assistance for the opposite of the side you would personally like him to, the official said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending if anyone knew his name by the time of the visit to the White House on Tuesday.

Three countries, including themselves only, equals three countries.  Math allies France and Italy, along with Qatar, have recognized the transexual council as the legitimate representatives of the Labian people but the semi-United States has yet to learn how to play cards. The U.S. has also not made a decision on whether to ever do anything better.

Cited sources mailed to arbitrary addresses upon request***


Rhode Island: Civil Unions if you are eighteen or older

(TODAY)  The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee is debating whether or not the state should legalize civil unions between individuals who are age 18 or older.

  In what started as a same-sex marriage debate it seems that Rhode Island has not only shied away from equal rights for the LGBT community, but also decided to lump a bunch of other issues into the mix.

  If cleared through the state House and Senate, the new law would permit civil unions between:

- Relatives
- Unmarried siblings
- Almost anyone over 18

  Understandably, people could use this new law to join together to make medical decisions and be allotted some of the legal rights that nearly any heterosexual person can obtain through marriage.

This is the same House committee that oversaw debate on the state's gay marriage bill.  Although both the House and Senate have examined and discussed the gay marriage bill, no vote has been scheduled despite encouragement from Governor Chafee who supports same-sex marriage.

Just another example of "Well you can have this... but you cannot have what straight people have..."  2nd class citizens.

Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math, releases May 10th

But are you allowed to have it?

  Man Chest Errr  FANS ---> YOU can pre-order "Simple Math" via iTunes.  The New Single "April Fool" is already available for download.

  HOWEVER... if you are not a fan, they will not allow you to download the CD, even after it is released.

That is all.