Jesus & Holiday Joy: Codependent?

It's getting confusing...

I have recently discussed with numerous individuals the connection between "The Holidays" and religion.

Some people have said that it is possible to just enjoy the holidays without even having to worry about religion.

As a person who is as close to atheist as you can get without declaring it outright, I have to kind of disagree, as some people wont let you avoid religion, and here is some proof:

In Patchogue, New York, the annual boat parade that takes place on the Long Island river recently changed it's name from "Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade" to "Patchogue Boat Parade of Lights."

The result was religious backlash.

Essentially, the attitude of many was "It's our religion or the highway."

Apparently a boat parade carries some sort of religious importance?

I'm confused.

The famous fireworks company Grucci, (not to be confused with Gucci) who used to donate fireworks to the event, completely dropped its engagement with the event and severed its ties with the boat parade.

No donations to bring holiday joy this year :(


Well, the Grucci Fireworks vice president Philip Butler vehemently opposed the re-naming of the boat parade.

Christian folks called the re-naming "the secularization of Christmas."

Someone please tell me what part of the bible describes the holy boat parade?

Supporters of Grucci's VP pushed for area residents to avoid attending the parade on the Patchogue River.

The result?

Rather than the expected 1,500 person turnout, attendance dropped to around 1,000.

The religious outrage resulted in a parade lacking in firework prowess.

Hold on...I thought parades had nothing to do with religion?

Oh well, organizers said that the parade was still a success. Looks like a lot of CHRISTIAN folks missed out on all the fun.

...And they missed out on it all because Christians think that they own the holiday season.

(Hint to those who do not understand: There are Muslim, Jewish, AND Christian Holidays at this time of the year... oh yah, and don't forget Kwanzaa)


ztkraptor said...

lol Kwanzaa cmon now
anyway, its called TRADITION...tradition(musical sound to the fiddler on the roof)
there is no REASON to change it other than to pander to those who are "offfeeenndded" by it.

That's the problem. Political Correctness is ruining America. Plain and simple. Hey Europe here we come.
Funny we bend to the Muslims, but shun any other religion.

Special K said...

I understand what you are saying but you're misinterpreting. There is nothing religious about the parade; not the fireworks, not the boats, not the balloons. Rather it is christians once again trying to take ownership of a holiday that actually has nothing to do with them. Christians believe that the world belongs to them and that all should live their lives in compliance with their god. It's not the holiday that's religious, just the fucks that ruin it.

Special K said...
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Special K said...
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Anonymous said...

Yah Steve,

My point was that this parade with boats and fireworks has absolutely nothing to do with anything that the bible says.

So how is this suddenly offending Christians that it doesn't say "Christmas" in the title anymore?

Why MUST this boat parade and fireworks be connected to Christmas when it has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Christianity?

Also, if private money funds this, they can run it however they want.


If public money funds this, then it cannot be created for one religion as the first amendment and the religious endorsement test/lemon test clearly state.

Anonymous said...

This was just an example of how the religious part is unavoidable.

The point I made at the bottom though, was that the religious people who didn't attend, missed out on the fun.

So I'm not saying the holidays can't be fun, just that Christians can make it very difficult when they take such ridiculous stances.