This Infuriates Me....

Sean Hannity is right when he says "Journalism is Dead" after this election...

FoxNews is considered the only "bias" news source to the general public...ha

Watch the entire video if you can before your blood boils.....I realize that they probably wouldn't have changed their votes if they knew the answers or that it was a "random" sampling of people. But the broad spectrum of questions makes you wonder why they know the answers to certain, relatively less important, petty questions versus the more important ones.

Reminds me of religion....blindly following a movement to feel better about themselves....the word is change instead of god....I honestly see no difference...



Anonymous said...

okay, where is the study equivilant on the other side?

sadly be honest most people who go vote, don't know much except what the media tells them too.

which includes BOTH sides

Anonymous said...

most people are dumb,
the end

CRH said...

there are 2 separate issues here:

1) the classic uninformed voter...ugh

2) the media influence on their answers and how they knew answers to certain things over others...and some of their assumptions too...

Anonymous said...

I think there is a logical way to evaluate this video and the information that it depicts to the viewer:

For one, this video was created by only interviewing Obama voters. I strongly believe, having known individuals who voted for both McCain and others who voted for Obama, that we would find the same ignorance on each side.

The questions regarding Senators and Congressmen did not surprise me as most people can't name their own representatives.

Tina Fey and SNL are popular. SNL DIDN'T cover Barack's HUGE verbal slip up in regard to the 57 states comment.

The hilarious thing is when people take this to mean something regarding the 57 Islamic states or whatever that nonsense is.

The video shows us the unfortunate reality that the general U.S. electorate are ingnorant of the facts and would rather willingly submit to pop-culture comedy and musings... "low-brow" entertainment.

People choose this crap like reality t.v. which is NOTHING LIKE REALITY over the news and current events of our day.

SNL did, in fact, mock Biden on his "tested in the first 6 months" comment...and they really let him have it.

Many of the information that these people didn't know were IN THE NEWS!!!

Even on CNN, NPR, and PBS!

Clearly, if anything this infuriates me as to how willfully ignorant people allow themselves to become.

Just as one of my classes begun this year... the professor asked the students to name the rights guaranteed to us by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution... we got through all 45 students and we still hadn't covered all of them. (I was only allowed to answer one time ;) )

Pop culture and television are killing our brains, dumbing us down.

The stupidity doesn't have a partyline as I could make a video of McCain voters and show the same ignorance.

Interstingly... I don't think that the same could be said of Nader or Barr voters... something tells me that these people have done their homework in order to vote third party... but I could be wrong.

Andreas Andrén said...

haha man thats awesome finally someone who can see what the election in the US is like. I have a friend who´s parents are democrats and he told me that they will vote for the democrats no matter what(at least to some extent). But they voted for McCain not because they liked him but simply because he was the democrat candidate.

I like ur other posts about fox news also haha. In Sweden we see fox as a joke and we cant understand that people actually take that crap serious.

Anonymous said...

McCain was more of a moderate candidate until he became the Republican nominee. Then he went a little more republican/conservative in his messages.