Voter Fraud: ACORN Nuts

As some of you already know, a taxpayer funded "non-partisan" group called ACORN (click for background) has been involved in voter fraud ALREADY!

According to THIS ARTICLE the group is supposed to be non-partisan, but they have a history of promoting for Democratic candidates. I have read that Barack Obama has ties to this group; however, I have not been able to solidify this claim yet.

Many states have early voting and ACORN has already messed with the system. Fake names have been registered, including ex-Dallas Cowboys.

Do we SERIOUSLY have to deal with this crap every election year?!?!

When are we going to make penalties and enforce them so that this garbage stops stinking up our political process more than it already does. I do not want to hear people whining that so and so won because such and such a group cheated.

Not simply because it's annoying, but because it should piss everyone off that the cheating is happening in the first place.

Voter fraud shouldn't only appear to be a problem when your candidate loses.


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