Ridiculous!!! 2 old guys' wives left them sleeping at our store. They don't even hear the baby yelling


Got 'The Fire' album by

Got 'The Fire' album by Senses Fail with DVD and poster today in the mail. Makes me want to DESTROY!!!!! Love it!

Colts Coach Anti-Gay?

Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy spoke at a "pro family" anti-gay benefit.



'Cat of the Month Club' creates confusion, controversy

A new web-based company called 'The Cat of the Month Club' has found itself in legal limbo due to alleged customer misuse.

Every month on the company's website consumers see a newly featured cat species.  Individuals can simply select and purchase up to 3 of the cats.

Suspicions were raised when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) noticed the remarkable popularity and profits garnered by the young company.

Covert investigations began after the message board on The Cat of the Month Club's Facebook site began to show a remarkable interest from Korean and Chinese restaurant owners.

Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC said that the company website, and later added Facebook page, started out innocently.

"At first, looking back through the data and numbers, everything seemed just fine.  But then the increasing number of Asian restaurant owners 'liking' the page and demanding more cats caught our eye."

Some of the most questionable and obvious Facebook comments are listed below:


Comment from 수염 샐러드 (Whisker Salad):  I need more than 3 cat a month, can yoo only send head.  save me ship cost?


Comment from 맛있는 고양이 (Yummy Cat):  Why cat 3 limit, recipe for good need 50 or mor.  Why all cat no claws, how we sell restaurant jewelry?




Although it might seem simple for the FTC to find the consumers who grossly misused the company's services, authorities are having a hard time.

"The Asians are great with computers, making them nearly impossible to locate.  Also, they all have pretty much have the same names.  How can you prove that you found the right person?!?!" cried Leibowitz.


Bryce in Minnesota Still Waiting on Domino's Pizza to "Make it up to him."

(Grandma Gourmet)  Since submitting the photo of his squished an pitiful Dominos delivery pizza, Bryce Griffon of Duluth, Minnesota has yet to see any sort of effort to make up for the horrible service he received other than "commercial lip-service and BULLSH*T"

The twenty-one year old St. Scholastica sophomore is more than pissed off.

"They use my photo of my F-ed up pizza to make money through advertisements, tell me they are sorry, and then send me male hookers.  I'm peeved."

To date Dominos has tried to send Bryce over a dozen male go-go dancers, strippers and pre-paid prostitutes.

(Not a pizza delivery boy)


Clowns Protest Halloween Stereotyping in UK

(Toothless Grandma in the UK) A group of clowns have begun to protest at Alton Towers Theme Park over a belief that a haunted maze at the Staffordshire theme park demonizes them.
The new maze attraction which is called 'The Carnival of Screams' will open over a two week period up through Halloween. The segment in question is a fun house overtaken by evil clowns who chase visitors through the attraction.
Fips the Clown, a protestor, was one of many clowns holding signs outside of the park.  His simply read 'We are not happy.'
Another sign that was held by Ringo the Clown caused more confusion than anything:
"It only serves to reinforce stereotypes of clowns as evil. This will do for clowns what Jaws did for sharks," said Fips.

Fip's comments have already sparked rumors of upcoming protests by clown sharks.