What do you expect from us? GOSH!

Hey Kids,

So Here are some things to expect on this blogmonster soon:
Sidenote #1: The suffix "monster" can be added to almost any word to make it that much better/confusing/descriptive/exciting.

1. Corey Hine's "NO SHAVE NOVEMBER" including preliminary pictures

2. Music updates from Kevin (We just saw Paramore w/ The Starting Line)

Sidenote #2: If you do not currently listen to Paramore, start doing it: www.myspace.com/paramore

Kevin gave me a good little lecture on why we should stop downloading music illegally and start paying, maybe he'll tell you kids about that too? I might have to poke him with a hot iron, but something will be written about it.

3. I suppose we might also start up a debate on something religious or political. I mean, that's kind of the point right?

So I am going to post a new survey right after I post this one. I am not too certain as to whether or not old surveys are kept in archives, so I will also post the results of the last survey on here.

IN FACT... I will do that right now:

The Question Was: "Which kids do you know?"


12 votes recorded
Kevin 0%
Corey 0%
David 8%
Kevin and David 8%
Corey and David 50%
All 3 of us 33%

Analysis: I am more popular, eat it.

Until next time,

The Dave

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