Where's the Outrage Now?!?!

A Bomb threat in Vermont and Revolt Threats in California

FOX news has made it a point to only give homosexuals negative coverage. They have an agenda on this issue. Plain and simple.

Seriously, check this out...

Just one day after Vermont State Senator John Campbell declared that he would present a pro-same-sex marriage bill in an attempt to grant equal rights to homosexuals, he has already received a very serious threat.

The Senator received a phone call at the state government building from a woman who ominously threatened to blow up his house.

Where is FOXnews on this one!?!

FOX's online headlines and television pundits did not hesitate to report the "violence" that took place during the incredibly peaceful same-sex civil rights rallies that took place across the entire nation.

This "violence" they reported on equated to one woman walking into the middle of a big, but peaceful, protest with a rather large styrofoam cross. She entered the crowd by herself and started preaching to them carrying her cross.

The violence?

Someone took her fake cross from her hands and stepped on it on the ground. They did not harm a hair on her body. And anyone who has ever been to a protest KNOWS that this was a tame response considering her actions and her decision to walk alone into the middle of the crowd.

The other story Fox covered: A radical group called "Bash Back," which has no connection to the mainstream equal rights movement's methods or mentality, entered a church during mass with banners and fliers. Some of them kissed right in front of the priest.

So apparently those things were newsworthy to FOX, but not a bomb threat against a Senator.


Randy Thomasson, who is president of the Campaign for Children and Families has essentially threatened the California Supreme court because it is hearing 3 cases in regard to Proposition 8 and will, most likely, declare same-sex marriage bans to be unconstitutional.

(As they already had because they understand constitutional law, unlike the vast majority of the general public)

Thomasson stated that the California Supreme Court is, “playing with fire by threatening to destroy the people’s vote on marriage.” And that “if the court disobeys the constitution by voiding Prop. 8, it will ignite a voter revolt.”

Incase anyone was wondering, here's what the court said when it legalized same-sex marriages in California:

The right to marry is among a set of basic human rights “so integral to an individual’s liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated or abrogated by the legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative process.”


A) FOX decided to not have any coverage of the gay rights protests that took place from Anchorage, Alaska, to Boston, Massachusetts on the day they happened. Not a peep.

B) I predicted that they wouldn't cover the rallies unless they could portray homosexuals in a negative way

C) I was correct

D) They are not covering this much larger story of a BOMB THREAT AGAINST VERMONT SENATOR JOHN CAMPBELL.

Conclusion: FOX News has an anti-homosexual agenda.

Thanks Rupert Murdoch!


Anonymous said...

Correction for you:

John Campbell is the "Vermont Senate Majority Leader," not a New York senator.

And you are absolutely right about FoxNoise; they are nothing more than a mouth piece for the right wing; which is why I NEVER watch that channel.

South Burlington, Vermont

ztkraptor said...

so much for "incredibly peaceful"
They get negative coverage, because THEY ARE BEING NEGATIVE!!!
The fact that they basically also spit in the face of democracy is another issue as well.
If you wanna breed hate, making everyone bend to please you is a good way to start. Calling blacks stupid and what not..yeah forgot ur all above the law and moral standards..

Anonymous said...

Steve, this article and video don't show anything new that hasn't already been reported, save for the claim that two Mormon women were beaten up, or assaulted, or whatever the word choice was.

Word choice is important, and so is coverage.

Now I am not going to say that such an act is justifiable. If it did happen, obviously the vast majority of the gay community strongly opposes such actions.

The word choice for some of these reports doesn't match what we see in the videos.


Anyone who was uniformed on this issue and then ONLY found articles describing the rallies and protests with the words "anarchy","assaults", and "beatings" would clearly have a negative view of the gay rights movement.

However, the protests, which took place all across the country, had hundreds of thousands, if not over a million participants. From this we had about 4 or 5 bad incidents (is that what you could find?)

And yet somehow these few indcidents (Which I do not condone) are taken and used to categorize the whole movement and all of the protests across the nation?

You are just seeing what you want to see.

Or just what FOX news and anyone opposed to equal rights for homosexuals wants you to see.

Anonymous said...

In regards to two "women” I suggest you read the following about Phyllis Burgess, another psychotic Jesus freak who has a history of f*cking with the gay community. She was the “person” with the Styrofoam cross: What you read in Ztkraptor’s post was not entirely accurate:


There was also another person who witnessed the alleged assault on Burgess and posted his account on IREPORT.COM:


As far as the other b*tch is concerned, her name is Christine Cloud; like most hypocritical Christian bigots, she is a pathological liar as can be witness here: