TIME: Being Gay is Worse than War & Abortion

In the latest issue of TIME Magazine there was a poll taken of "evangelicals" to see how they will vote in the upcoming November election.

The one thing that REALLY jumped out at me were the following poll results:

The question: Would you consider voting for a candidate with different positions from your own on...

U.S. Policy toward Iraq: 20% No

Abortion: 30% No

Gay Marriage: 38% No

What does this tell us? Well, it looks like more religious folks would rather continue a bad war policy that is contrary to their own views or give ground on their abortion stance than see homosexuals receive equal rights.

WHAT!?!?!? Are you kidding me!

War: Our young men and women are being killed along with innocent Iraqi civilians.
Abortion: Murder of innocent babies (their opinion, not mine).
Gay Marriage: 3 references in the bible are used by religious to say it's bad... Notably, its on the same level as working on sundays and eating shelfish.

Is the church really pushing gay marriage more than issues surrounding the war and abortion? Is death or "death" (depending on how you feel about abortion) really not as important as 2 people getting married who happen to have the same sex organ inbetween their legs?

Marriage does not require a chruch.
Marriage does not require a priest.
You can walk into City Hall and sign some papers.

But, apparently this has more to do with religion (in their heads) and is more important to evangelicals than war and abortion. Are we stuck in the Twilight Zone where things that should matter and bother people don't? Does anyone else get the sudden urge to slap the nearest person who thinks this way?

I know I do.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

i like......

kriselis said...

i wonder what the percentage of evangelical population is compared to the overall population of the US? i also wonder where the majority of this population is located... something tells me it might just be in the south and more rural locations. if that's the case, do you think they'd be voting republican anyway, regardless of those issues? i mean, i'm just playing the devil's advocate here... you know where i really stand.

Anonymous said...

There was a map that accompanied the article. The evangelicals are mostly in the the south.

I just found it ridiculous that they thought abortion and war were not as important as gay marriage.

kriselis said...

see, that's just the sort of statistic i was getting at. really dave, are you surprised? i think it's ridiculous too... and, for the life of me, i can't understand *why* the gay marriage card trumps all others. the only answer i can think of (coincidentally the most unacceptable) is because the church told them so.