Forgive me Moses, Jesus, Allah...

So I am curious here.

You can leave responses by clicking "comment" on the bottom. I took these two posts from a homework assignment I had... enjoy, or not:

If "God" can do anything, then why did jesus have to be sent to suffer and die on the cross in order for Christians to be saved from hell and absolved of all of their sins?

If god can do anything, then why does he create a world with deadly storms, famine, war, etc. if he can prevent it all?Is this just a big game? Why make humans and then let them suffer?

This comes BEFORE the argument of "FREE WILL" because he/she/it never even had to put us in such a world to test us like this.

And when things like hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, genocides, wars, etc take place... why doesn't he step in?

Which one is it? God's will or free will?

Since we do not control the weather... and God made this earth, does that mean that these things are his will? or does it mean he just made this earth and was like.... okay... good luck.

Also, then what would be the point of prayer if we have free will? That would mean that god cannot intervene in our lives right?

Why would he pick and choose?

Look around the world, and if you aren't too self-absorbed you will see so much pain and horror. Tell me how there is a loving god?

A free will arguement will not suffice.

The overused and unintelligible lines, "God has a plan for everyone," "It was God's will," or any sort of claim to "Divine intervention" and/or oversight just don't cut it for me anymore and only negate the notion of free will.

So which one is it? God's will or free will?

Genocides, war, poverty, and suffering beyond belief; most of which are worse than I will personally ever know (I selfishly hope) are taking place across this planet. What happened to the Biblical God who, in the past, would intervene in his people's everyday life? Perhaps it was just a book. (I am inclined to believe so).

Within the past year I began to contemplate, in my head, a little phrase that I made up one day when I was in deep though: "god isn't dead (Nietzsche reference/refutation), he just moved on to better things."

I am more conviced of this than I am of anything I have ever been taught from a religious vantage. At least this theory has the potential to explain our existence, our struggles, and our suffering.

There are thousands upon thousands of different religions in the world. Your odds of picking the "right" one and being "saved" are pretty darn slim (And that's assuming that there is a right answer). So, basically my theory is more promising than having faith and beliefs found in one specific religious sect; because, at least with my frame of mind, you won't have a 99% chance of being wrong and going to hell. Maybe we need to just accept the fact-in our egotistical minds- that maybe, just maybe we aren't so special. Perhaps we just die and that's it.

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GlennDizzle87 said...

We have the ability to question God, Jesus, Religion, or even whether Bud Light or Miller Lite is better. We have the ability to destroy, restore, kill, hate, love, punish, and/or liberate. We have the ability to lend a helping hand or rip it away from the person who has their hand extended. If you say we are but just another species to be born, live, and die, who are we to question God? Shouldn't we just accept everything that happens to us as our introduction to death and such minute happiness as something to take our mind off of death for even the smallest unit of time? Heaven and Hell could simply be a state of mind, and God could be that little voice in your head who tells you that you've had too much Bud Light or Miller Lite in your at-home taste-a-thon to determine which is better. Either way, if you question God, perhaps you hope that there is one, but you have not yet been able to see him with blind eyes. Perhaps there is no God, but sometimes when I'm in nature or in a relaxed state and I close my eyes or look at something beautiful, maybe that little feeling of not being alone is my Heaven. Death can only silence the mind that wishes not to think.