Accidental Eye Contact...

It's really awkward when you look out your window and make eye contact with the person living in the other apartment...

should I wave next time?

took a vote on AIM:

NotrDame919 (7:38:08 PM): no wave
NotrDame919 (7:38:11 PM): head nod
NotrDame919 (7:38:23 PM): and mouth the words, "what's up?"
NotrDame919 (7:38:26 PM): but dont actually say them
NotrDame919 (7:38:28 PM): thatd be weird
NotrDame919 (7:38:33 PM): cause you know they cant hear you
NotrDame919 (7:38:43 PM): not that anyone else would hear you to know if you said them or not
NotrDame919 (7:38:48 PM): so i guess that doesnt really matter
NotrDame919 (7:38:56 PM): oh go ahead and say "what's up"

Nics0314 (8:52:09 PM): you should flash the neighbor next time


strossdag2009 (8:33:36 PM): its especially akward when they're masterbating


H20hoops (7:48:17 PM): yes you should wave!


Volleyball146 (7:39:27 PM): please do...and tell me...you felt awkward??? is that the first time ever?


A87Fitch (7:02:26 PM): was the other person naked
A87Fitch (7:02:27 PM): ?
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:01 PM): we both were
A87Fitch (7:03:04 PM): the the answer is yes
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:21 PM): okay. what part of the body do i wave with?
A87Fitch (7:03:17 PM): its rude not to
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:38 PM): great now i was rude
A87Fitch (7:03:38 PM): haha
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:45 PM): so much for a first impression
A87Fitch (7:03:42 PM): well its after labor day
A87Fitch (7:03:43 PM): so your nipple
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:51 PM): right
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:55 PM): right nipple
A87Fitch (7:03:52 PM): no left one
TheVBplaya9 (7:03:59 PM): cuz the left nipple is white
TheVBplaya9 (7:04:02 PM): and you cant do that
TheVBplaya9 (7:04:04 PM): after labor day
A87Fitch (7:04:02 PM): which one is pierced
TheVBplaya9 (7:04:08 PM): left
TheVBplaya9 (7:04:09 PM): haha
A87Fitch (7:04:42 PM): kinky

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