I'm still alive....

Hey guys.

So since my camera has contracted some sort of STD from sleeping around with other non-compatible electronic devices it has been out of order for quite sometime. Sony should have a warning in the owner's manual of naughty camera behavior and potential prevention techniques. Anyway when I return to NEPA (North East Pennsylvania AKA most awesome place in the world and best area for pizza in the US according to USA Today) anyway, when I return there on Fri or Sat my camera will be clean again and I will be able to document the tragedy known as a PA winter. (Perfect timing since we're expecting 5-9 inches tomorrow.)

P.S. Acker man, I liked the religion post.....hopefully people read it with an open mind and don't take you as crazy....hopefully I'll have a good one soon over break.

P.P.S. Only one final to go.....Forensic Chemistry on Thurs. and I'm stuck here on the mountain until Fri or Sat. So you can guess what is happening on Thurs night.....prayer session.....jk unless god is in the form of ethanol (CH5OH) AKA alcohol for you non-science folk ;)

so be prepared for some serious photos this weekend and possible regret stories from thurs...

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you know who it is said...

on thursday night, do us all a favor and avoid MD. (Mountain Dick)