Some Fun Games

I guess this post would fall under the "Stuff" category.

I have had mono for about 2 weeks now, so as you can imagine I've had a bit of down time. While in the process of recovering I felt it necessary to play some free games on the interwebmonster. So I thought I would list some fun games that I found and then leave a comment space for you kids to share some more games that you enjoy playing on the internet. And NO, looking up pornography is not considered "playing a game."

Hey, I mean, when you know who your audience is you might as well clarify some things for them that might otherwise be a bit in the gray, murky area to them. ;)

In no particular order:

Bloons Tower Defense 2: http://www.addictinggames.com/bloonstowerdefense2.html

Police Sniper: http://www.snipergames.net/games/policesniper.html

Camper Strike (If you like Counter Strike, this is clearly stolen from that): http://www.snipergames.net/games/camperstrike.html

Defend Your Castle: http://www.xgenstudios.com/play/castle

Of course you can find games on addictinggames.com and a bunch of other places, and who doesn't love to procrastinate when there is work to be done?

So please share any links to games that you have!!!

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