Hello Houston

So what up from Kent State Ohio kids.

what what? who what?

be more constructive with your feedback ...

My journey began at 3am when my mom drove me to O'Hare airport in Chicago.  I hadn't gone to bed last night  and I went to the Cleveland Browns vs. 49ers game with Christopher Kettel One Vodka.  I took a 3 hour nap just now... so i think i got 3 hours of sleep in about 30 hours or something.

Idk. math was never my strong point. Although I am fond of the quadratic formula.

Right now Chris and I are yelling at James Worry to get me a goddammmm beeeer.


Now i am drinking my first Natty light in about 4 months. which must mean i'm in Ohio and or Penn.

"Smells like shit, looks like shit, tastes like shit, must be Natty Light."


So i'm going to be seeing some people and I currently am seeing some people that i missed. So that is fun.

2 weeks of vacation started today.  And it's time to face Mecca and pray for my 3rd time today 


Dont Fail Me Now

Forgive me Moses, Jesus, Allah

Svendel (DFA)

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