Do You Agree With This?

Hey Christians:

What up?

Alright seriously, I was procrastinating last night and found a website that claimed to have all the answers. The link looked promising... so I clicked it.

After reading the website I decided it would be fun to contact them and ask them one simple question...

"Does everyone else go to hell?" (as in those who do not believe in Jesus, etc.)

Thank you for your email response to our website. From what the Bible says and so we have to believe it, there is only one Name under Heaven were men can be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. God is the judge and He will judge accordingly. It may seem harsh but the Bible does say that it is appointed for man to live once and then the judgment, so yes,we believe that those who do not have Jesus in the hearts and have gained forgiveness of sin do not go to Heaven.


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"Be doers of the Word and not hearers only" (James 1:22)

Looks like I'm screwed. What do you think, leave comments vvv


GlennDizzle87 said...

I view the perfect religion as the one who gets an individual closest to God. God is the keystone, without God there is nothing. Many paths can lead to the same summit. My personal belief is that God does exist, but I am not sure of Jesus. Jewish people believe that the savior has not yet arrived, and they still get to Heaven. It is better to question all instead of one: we have that ability. Why not use it? Perhaps Christianity isn't for you. I believe that I can go to God in my own way without church or people arguing over who has the most money, best clothing (though I do respect those who go to church for the "right" reasons). I suppose that if God has created me in his image and has his blue plan of who I am, he will understand why I approach him in my own way and love me just the same as an avid church-goer and one who prays 80 times a day. I also know that this particular blog is for those of the Christian faith, but I feel as long as I am respectful in my ways, my ideas will be listened to as well.

Murph said...

My belief is that although we all may pray to Allah or Buddah or God or some other higher being, we are essentially praying to the same person or thing whatever it may be. Most, if not all, religions say that they are the right ones and everybody else is going to Hell. If that is true then a minute number of people actually ascend to heaven and the majority go to hell. If a person believes that they are right and that they will go to heaven if they are reichous(sp?)then why shouldnt they go to heaven? The other thing with this is that Christianity is kinda fucked up, I personally am Catholic but I have friends in other Christian religions and they are essentially the same thing but with only slight tweaks to their services and bible and such. My grandparents went to visit some friends of theirs and went to church and then after church went to their friends service, the first reading was the same one they heard at church earlier. So if many people are reading the same readings in the bible then what makes one more right than the other?