Cross replaced in Mojave Desert: Constitutional Battle Continues

After the original cross of controversy was removed overnight by unknown persons, another cross has, once again, been re-installed by sneaky people (assuming Christians here).

The cross was originally erected in 1934 by a group of men from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) as a war memorial.  Apparently they assumed that everyone who died in the various wars were Christian... which is obviously false.

To pile stupidity upon idiocy, both the individuals who removed the cross, and those who felt it important to re-install it, had to navigate through crevasses and rocks that are know to harbor tons of rattlesnakes.

So, let's make this clear.  A simple silly symbol was constructed to honor dead veterans, the VFW assumed that everyone was a Christian (stupid), it was taken down by people who were risking rattlesnake bites/death (and who most likely weren't Christian).

Then, this silly symbol gone missing inspired another group of idiots (who were Christian) to traipse through the same rattlesnake infested area in the dark, to put up another pointless cross.

Religious or not, this is ridiculous... yes?  Vote on the right ---->>>>

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