Young Woman Looking to Marry because She's 'supposed to.'

A twenty-seven year old woman, feeling the pressure from her parents and peers, has decided that it is time to settle down, get married and raise some kids.

After seeing her 3 best friends from college tie the knot, Cheryl Swanson, a Georgia native, is hoping that her current lover will propose.

The two have been together for nearly 4 years, and although the timing might not be ideal, Swanson has been dropping hints more and more often.

"I really want this to happen, and soon, because everyone is starting to think that I have something wrong with me."

Cheryl's grandma hasn't been making it easy either.

"I'd like to be at her wedding.  I mean, I'm 84, how long does she think I will live for!?!?"

Yet, Swanson is certain that her Grandma would pass away upon hearing the news anyway.

"Yah, she'd probably have a heart attack.  Anything small gives her heart palpitations, this would just make her head explode."

For now Cheryl is still waiting for her girlfriend to 'pop the question.'  Then they will have to move to a state that allows same-sex marriage, and then possibly move again and wait two years to legally adopt a child.

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