Manchester Orchestra: I Can Feel A Hot One

   One of my best friends I've ever had, and who was easily the nicest guy I have ever met, died yesterday after a simple infection took an unforeseen turn for the worst.

   When I first went to work after hearing the extent of the infection they sent me home because I couldn't keep my composure.  I suppose that on the way there I was still in shock, and it didn't hit me until I actually verbalized the emotions.  Then it became real.  I don't remember crying that hard in years.

He will be terribly missed by oh so many people.

For whatever reason, the only song since that has been stuck in my head has been 'I Can Feel A Hot One' by Manchester Orchestra.  The lyrics are barely even related, but definitely sad and reflective.  A beautiful and sad song.

Since this blog is RPMS, I thought I would share the music video.  I think that every time I hear this song, it will remind me of what happened yesterday.

He sounds vivid acoustic as well:

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