It's that time again

Hello faithful readers, it is time for our weekly Band Of The Week...that was redundant. This week I'm switching gears and bringing you a hardcore band out of Florida called Paddock Park. I stumbled upon these guys while cruising myspace and have been in love since.

Their sound is somewhat of a conundrum, initially coming off as hardcore but quickly pulling a 180 and showing their alt-pop backgrounds. If you had asked me about this prior to hearing them I would never have believed it could work. Check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the second track on their newly released album titled "A Hiding Place for Fake Friends".

Now for the downside; being an incredibly young band, many of the lyrics are immature and lack the complexity that comes with age. The music highlights many problems that occur to a typical high schooler: fake friends, girl issues, etc. If you can look past this though they are a band that is definitely worth checking out.

Special K Rating- 7

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Anonymous said...

If you could only see the way that she smiles at me...

It's like a hardcore band was rockin' out... and then Disney stepped in and tried to make it family friendly...

an epic battle to say the least