Band of the Week

Hello faithful viewers....er readers, I'm gonna try something new here. Every week I'm going to pick a band and write a little review of their latest album. Good, Bad, Ugly, I'll review all of it. If you have any bands that you would like me to check out and write about I would love for you to send them my way.

Today's Band: Audrye Sessions.

I heard these guys for the first time at a showcase in New York. I had had a bit too much to drink and was more into the dancing than the music, but was fortunate enough to get another chance to see them play an acoustic set a few days later.

The voice on this guy is amazing and has definite remnants of Tom York mixed with Bob Dylan. In fact, that's almost how I would describe their music as a whole.

This band writes some amazing melodies with courageous vocals that aren't afraid to experiment in his range.

I recently picked up AS's E.P. and could not be happier with the production. The sound on the CD really captures the live feel of this band, truly portraying all of the energy they contain.

I would say that this is a must have for any music lover.

Songs to check out: Turn Me off
New Years Day

Special K's Rating out of 10: I give these guys an 8.5.


Adam said...

Wow! Great review Special K. Are you single?

Special K said...

aaaaaand willing!!