Can McCain Even Win Now?

Looking at many many many different news source's electoral college maps, it appears that John McCain cannot win.

It looks as though John McCain would have to win every single swing state and Pennsylvania in order to be close to a tie or even a win.

There would have to be some sort of miracle for an Obama loss to take place.

So, sure I may be wrong... but I highly doubt it.

From partaking in several political debates I know for a fact that emotions can run very high at times like this. AS THEY SHOULD.

Almost everybody wants what they think is best for their country, community, or family.

We all should make sure that we choose our words and actions carefully when debating politics with family members and friends. All too often we can ruin friendships and relationships because of our words.

Some of the best friends that I have met in my life completely disagree with me on many political issues.

Politics are extremely important, but what's life without any friends?

Tomorrow should be exciting people!!! Win or lose, I'd rather be friends with who I've got in my life than lose them arguing over someone who I've never even met.

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