FOX News: Not Covering Nation-wide Protests

Since I make it a point to get my news from several sources every day it became apparent that FOXnews.com has not written a single story about the nation-wide gay rights protests that have been taking place today.

Not one peep as of 4:39pm (CST).

Additionally, I decided to review the few articles they have chosen to write regarding the issue of same-sex marriage and the current civil rights movement in this country.

The majority of articles have been negative toward homosexuals. I would go so far as to say that some of their headings have been misleading and biased as well.

Anyone who knows anything about journalism KNOWS FOR A FACT that today's events meet all of the criteria for front page news, this issue and these events are HUGE...

and yet FOX news refuses to report on it.

If anything does pop up today on their website there's a good chance it will be negative in tone.

At least, that's the trend I am seeing.

So if anyone from FOXnews is reading this: Thank you for showing your ability to be a biased and crappy news source today.

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