Highly anticipated/much needed UPDATE!!!

Okay, so maybe this update is neither "highly anticipated" nor "much needed," but I know for a fact that a girl from Canada/Austrailia/Pennsylvania was asking for it.

That's good enough reason for me to write these words that I am writing right now.

So here's the deal: I will actually be getting an SUV to replace my totalled car. You can decide whether or not it was because of the poll --->
if it was simply how it worked out...

Let's just say it was because of your votes... cough.

Tomorrow night I will be picking up a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. It's pretty sexy, but I have to pay the monthly payments and my back/neck are still messed up :(

In regard to the "Who's Gay?" poll... you guys seem to be very much so inclined to think that all three of us are in some sort of gay love triangle...


Which actually reminds me: Strange sidenotemonster...

I started watching As The World Turns (yah I dont know why) a few weeks ago. A bunch of episodes are on Youtube and somehow I got hooked on the one called
"Luke and Noah's Story"

The first video of the series is here:

AND it starts getting "interesting" here:

AND then after that...

Well, you watch them if you care.

Alright, well I have to do some homework, but you kids stay classy.


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