Lucky Boys Confusion

So I went to Marquette University campus tonight with Kelly Strosser and saw Lucky Boys Confusion.

Basically, to make a long and sexy story short, Kelly took some sweet video with her camera from our front row location.

If you like the song "Cigarettes" I will be posting the live video of it on here as soon as possible.

If you do not currently listen to Lucky Boys, but would like to, you can do one of two things:

1) go to www.myspace.com/luckyboysconfusion

2) IM me and plead with me for free music sharing adventuremonster time.
(If you do not already know about the importance of the "monster" suffix, please refer to the previous blog post.

AIM screen name: thevbplaya9

Alright, I'm watching Spider Man 3, so ... uhh... yah

Later kids

P.S. Packers 7-1... call it luck... call it skill... chances are it's better than your team ;)
(unless of course your team is, in fact, the Green Bay Packers... in which case we are tied)

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