Colbert, Lucky Boys, Marquette Stupidity, PA vs. WI WINTER

So you will see if you continue reading this sentence right now, this phrase, THIS word, and the rest of this post, that I have a lot on my mind right now.

Unsurpisingly, as you will also see, none of it is really of any immediate or dramatic consequence, yet all of it is interesting enough... at least to me.

So in no particular order and lacking any sort of inherent hierarchy, (and yet somehow seeming to make everything right in the world...) I begin:

Marquette University: Worst news writing I have ever seen for a college newspaper
(And I wrote for the Troubadour and now the UWM Post. So go figure.)

The writer basically interviewed a few mentally challanged freshman from UWM and then wrote a bias-filled, typo-ridden, hollier-than-thou slanted article. I wont go on a rant right now, just read the article for yourself and then read all the responses directly underneath it: Prowling in Panther territory—life at UWM


Stephen Colbert: Democrats Ruin the Fun

I'm not sure if you kids have heard, but the Democrats turned down Colbert's Democratic run for President in the state of North Carolina.

Declaration video:

Just when you thought politics could be fun and not dominated by gray-haired, mean-faced liars, BOOM! They shot him down.

Damn Democrats...video:

Claiming that he didn't turn in his paperwork on time, the Democrats of the committee in N.C. spent more time preaching about the seriousness of politics, and how Colbert wasn't "qualified."

The last time I checked we had Senators and Representatives soliciting sex online, in airport bathrooms and hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in their freezers (gotta make sure that illegal funding doesn't go bad).

Hell, I would have loved to have seen Colbert ask the questions that nobody else will to the other candidates. Can't you picture his face? He wouldn't even have to put up the facade of politeness. I'm sick of politicians being tossed up softball questions or just dodging the issues.

Conclusion: The Democrats ruined what could have been history in the making, or at least highly entertaining. Everyone is always saying how they want CHANGE; change in the system, change in leadership, more honesty, more openness.

I guarantee this would have increased voter turnout, especially amongst younger kids. People would have started to PAY ATTENTION to political process more. COLBERT PLEASE JUST RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT IN ANOTHER STATE!!! (yeah, I know he's not reading this...)


I was going to do LUCKY BOYS CONFUSION video posting now, but it's still downloading from Kelly... sooo.. ummm...

wow, this is awkward... (averts eyes from screen)

ahhh, here's something:

Pennsylvania v. Wisconsin: Which has the dreariest/crappiest/darkest/most suicide inducing WINTER?

I propose that Corey in PA and I, David Allen Acker the 5th (long line of French Kings) post photos on here of just how shitty and depressing the winter gets.

1- They must be somehow related to winter (that's a given)
2- They CAN include people
3- They must be taken by either Corey or myself...gotta avoid © Law...
(And yes, I stole that little "©" sign, but good luck proving where it's from)

So I guess we will post these pictures and compile them somehow then at the end. And you then, our loyal readers from across the globe, will vote to see who has the most dreariest/crappiest/darkest/most suicide inducing WINTER.

Download is at 98%, hang in there... maybe vote for something on the right if you haven't --->
or vote twice, that's the fun of unsupervised elections...


HERE IT IS: "Cigarettes" by Lucky Boys Confusion, Live @ the Varsity Theatre, Marquette University 's writers suck.

Yah, it wont let me upload.

So just as most of my posts end....

Happy disappointment,


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