Joe Dad's Response to As The World Turns

So as Corey has cited Joe Dad previously as a reliable source and commentator, I will do the same here.

I have nothing to say to prepare you for what you are about to read, so just read it...

GreatGnome (2:43:32 PM): Dear David
GreatGnome (2:43:35 PM): I feel like I want to punch you.
GreatGnome (2:43:40 PM): I watched the freaking "As The World Turns."
GreatGnome (2:43:58 PM): my virgin eyes and ears have been exposed to the half-naked (and dripping wet) truth of homosexuality
GreatGnome (2:44:25 PM): previously i thought it was just one man... accidentally sitting on another man's penis... ... ... repeatedly
GreatGnome (2:44:38 PM): now i know there might be more to it and i am disgusted and offended
GreatGnome (2:44:40 PM): thank you
GreatGnome (2:44:44 PM): i hate you

[The video he is referencing is posted on previous blog about 2 or 3 below this one]

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