Shout out from The Man, The Myth, The Legend

So this is just a quick post that I wanted to share with the readers about this heated debate regarding Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (college football colors).

Joe Dad, AKA Joe Dad, was our (Dave and I) RD freshman year, and I'm severely underestimating this when I say that he is the coolest person to ever walk on the face of the planet. I'd like to share his input:

"I had a thought I care to share with you. In reference to which state is better, Pa or Wi, I want to weigh in. Wi is only one little "i" short of being Wii. That's pretty bitchin... if you're 1) afraid (or allergic) to the outdoors, 2) afraid of physical fitness or 3) neither you just like Wii. BUT... PA is also one teeny "i" away from being "IPA" which as we all know stands for India Pale Ale. So... hands down, despite the unusual flavor of most pale ales, it wins hands down in my book. The only compromise would be if you could create a state called "Wisconsylvania" or "Pennsconsin" (I prefer the first). If you lived in Wisconsylvania, you could avoid the discussion of which was better and drink IPA until you Wii'd all over the floor. Thank you for your time."
Further enhancing his awesomeness one rant at a time....


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Anonymous said...

OMG hilarious. I miss you Joe Daddy.