Okay Kids, Looks like our readers are deep thinkers

If you glance to the right side of the blog, we asked you what you wanted to hear about first.

Choices were as follows:
- If the 2008 Election were today, who would we vote for and why?
- Which state is better PA or Wi
- Is there a "God"/ Can you prove it?
- Something Else, If you pick this, sent a comment on what you want

I know there are still 2 days left to vote, but it has become apparent that YOU, our loyal readers, have spoken.

We could have talked politics, pros and cons of different candidates.
We could have discussed religion and debated the existence of "God"
You could have asked for something else, maybe something more meaningful to you


Of Course

The deep, highly debated, and timeless question of: Which state is better Pa or WI is clearly the choice of you, the reader.

So Here goes:

Neither is better. There, I said it. NEXT DEBATE!!!

Okay, but seriously. Here's an answer for you:

For summer entertainment, PA loses hands down. If you have ever heard of, or been to SUMMERFEST-->THE WORLD'S LARGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL then you would know why.


As for Fall: I give it to PA. The rolling hills/mountains with the leaves changing....glorious.

Winter: Neither, get the hell out of both states before Fall ends SERIOUSLY.

Spring... I'd probably hang out wherever I fled to during winter until Summer time rolls around again.

Short but sweet,


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