Bush to Attend Opening Ceremony for Olympics

It has been rumored as of today that President Bush will be attending the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.

Other leaders from around the globe have opted to not attend due to political disagreements with the Chinese government regarding Tibet and several other human rights violations. These leaders include: UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Some say that Bush's attendance is an endorsement of the Chinese government's wrongdoings. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the political realm.

Personally, I was curious as to why the Olympics ended up in Beijing China to begin with. I found some answers at THIS WEBSITE.

Summary of how the Olympic Committee selects cities:

Cities must apply and be approved before being evaluated. The cost just to apply for consideration is around $150,000 for the 2012 Olympics.

1) The city must prove that it is capable of handling such a large-scale event.
2) The city must convince its people that the cost of hosting the Olympics is worth-while
3) The city must be able to hold and maintain a positive image before and during the events.

I think that's the general idea. Have a happy 4th of July, try not to lose any fingers kids!

UPDATE: Here's an updated article released today by CNN.com on this story=====>>>CLICK ME

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