Favre the Problem?: Perhaps

Brett Favre has been saying that he feels unwelcome upon asking to return to the Green Bay Packers. But what's the real story here?

I've heard Packer fans say that Favre is being ridiculous and I've heard others point the finger (most likely the middle one) at Ted Thompson. Well apparently Thompson already gave Favre a chance to come back in March.

All of Favre's wavering and indecision are hurting the organization. The Packers drafted players based on the fact that the star quarterback had retired. Now he wants to come back and his family and friends are making it look like the Packer's are being unreasonable. I hardly think so.

On Friday FOXSports.com released word that Thompson and McCarthy found out that Favre wanted to come back in late March, right after his retirement. At that point both Thomopson and McCarthy apparently gave the idea the thumbs up. Then, Favre, in all his glory, just days before they were to meet and make the announcement, decided that he wanted to remain in retirement.

It seems like Thompson and McCarthy will be taking the heat for a problem that manifested itself in Favre's own head. Look for Brett to be wearing a different jersey this coming season... well maybe.

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