Election 2008, Another Reason to Give a Crap

In case you are one of those people who do not vote, here's another thing to consider:

Whoever is elected will probably get to appoint AT LEASE ONE new Supreme Court Justice. Right now we have Justices who are ages: 88, 75, 72, 72, 70, 69, 60, 58, & 53. In other words, retirement, health concerns, and death are issues that half of these individuals may be facing/considering/hoping for...

So.... why should you care?

Well these individuals have the final say on what is and what is not constitutional.

- Abortion
- Civil Rights
- Same-sex Marriage
- Laws passed by states (that fall under the constitution's reach)
- Laws passed by the federal government
- They interpret what the constitution says and means, if it is a living breathing document or if it should be interpreted from a strict constructionist viewpoint
- Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera
So slap some sense into yourself and go vote. OR slap that parent, grandparent, friend, relative, or co-worker who says, "There's no reason to vote, it doesn't matter."


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