Polls for McCain, Electoral votes for Obama


A recent CNN poll of polls consisting of an average of poll
 (from: CNN (Sept. 5-7), ABC/Washington Post (Sept. 5-7), CBS (Sept. 5-7), Gallup (Sept. 5-7) and Diageo/Hotline (Sept. 5-7)) shows that John McCain is ahead of Barack Obama 47% to 45%.

Yet, as we know, a majority national vote doesn't equate to winning an election ( See Al Gore v. George Bush in 2000).

Personally, I have always thought that we should abolish the electoral college and switch to a majority wins system, you know, like a true democracy.

So why am I writing this? Why should you care?

Well as of right now, according to various electoral college maps of the country, Barack Obama has approximately 243 electoral college votes that are either certain or likely to go his way. John McCain has 189 e.c. votes in his column.

I wonder if, once again, we will see an election won by someone who did not receive the majority of the votes.  My wanting of a more true democracy would be upset, but if Barack were to be the winner, I don't think I would care nearly as much (yes, that's a double standard, we all have them).

It looks like the swing states of Florida (27 votes), Ohio (20), Michigan (17), Virginia (13), Missouri (11), Colorado (9), Nevada (5), and New Hampshire (4) will decide with their remaining electoral college votes.


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