Palin Running from...Punchline...Stuff: Confused?


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It's been a few days since our last post. I think I got a little sick of the political crap that was being kicked around the airwaves... BUT then I remembered that we can talk about R-P-M-and even S!

Religion: I went to the planetarium last Friday with Kyle and learned more about our existence and science. I am even more of an atheist now than ever. The bible is a boring joke compared to reality. (Sorry if you are offended... wait... no....not sorry: our blog, our opinions, just try to stop your eyes from taking in the info and your brain from processing it and you should be just fine).

Politics: This investigation in Alaska as to why Palin fired some guy for not firing her brother-in-law after he divorced her sister (there is an ongoing custody battle with this: kinda hard to get the kids when you don't have a job, right?) is still going on. WHY IS PALIN REFUSING TO COOPERATE? If you have nothing to hide... then what's the dealio? Right?

Then there are claims that somehow(... because he's the Magical Savior from Jesusland...) Obama got his campaign members to be part of the probe... hell they might even be RUNNING the investigation! UHHHH WHAT? Yah that doesn't make any sense. I'm sure that lawmakers, the police and judges are like, "oh, let's just step aside and let the Obama camp run this thing..."

Maybe this investigation will be part of the "October surprise" that every election cycle hopes for (at least the media does). I say: If you have nothing to hide, then what's the problem?

Music: The band Punchline released a new cd on September 16th called "Just Say Yes." Go out, buy it, buy all of their cd's actually. Then listen to them and love them. Right Meeeoowww!

Stuff: Hmmm.... what falls under the "stuff" category?....

Well ACCORDING TO MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM pretty much everything!

How about personal life stories? No? Well too bad!: This weekend I got my lip pierced again and finally got my tattoo (no I don't have any pictures of the tattoo, it's on my back, so I would need an accomplice). Last night I went out to a bunch of gay bars with Kevin and Clinton, they did karaoke and I went to bed waaay too late to be at work right now.

okay, you people stay classy, VOTE on polls on the right --->


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