Why I Choose Obama over McCain and Hillary.

I looked at everything on an issue by issue basis and assigned point values to each issue.  Then I went through each issue one at a time.  Each candidate received more points closer to the maximum alotted for each issue the closer their political views came to mine.

Many of you might be surprised as I used to be hardcore right-wing conservative.  This has changed over time as I have had a falling out with my previously held beliefs.  I am now pretty close to the middle of the road (which does not mean that I do not have strong opinions, just that I do not agree with either side in many situations) Why have my values changed?  

- I have been living in a city (Milwaukee), and I see many societal problems first hand (even had a gun waived in my face at a stoplight...)

- I realized I had been lied to most of my life.

- I'm no longer afraid of the deity who many refer to as "God."

- I now see that everything is not as "black and white" as many people have led me to believe as I grew up.

- I started to think for myself, with logic, and through personal life experience.

Does this mean that I think that Republicans have it wrong? NO.

Does this mean that I think that Democrats have it wrong? NO.

Essentially, nobody ever has it all correct all of the time, including myself.

No matter what your political views are, even if you hate CNN (what some call the Communist News Network), CNN has a webpage that has every issue and each candidates position/stance.  They include quotes, references, and actual video footage of speeches on almost all of the issues.  

If you still haven't made up your mind, OR EVEN IF YOU HAVE..... I HIGHLY recommend that you go to THIS LINK and read over each issue, weigh them out in whatever fashion you deem appropriate, and go from there.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be a one issue voter, or even worse, an uninformed voter.

Do not vote for someone because your parents tell you to.

Do not vote for someone because your priest tells you to.

Vote for someone because you are confident that they are most closely aligned with your beliefs.


Vote for them because you think it will benefit yourself and the country the most.

I feel like your mom, but I'm being serious here.


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