Hillary Clinton: Cannot Tell Whether or Not Snipers are Shooting at Her...

Real Story Highlights from CNN.com:

  • Sen. Hillary Clinton has twice during her campaign talked about her dangerous arrival in Bosnia in 1996 under sniper fire
  • Actual video footage of arrival shows Clinton and her daughter walking calmly from the plane
  • Clinton uses the story in an effort to depict her foreign policy experience
  • Obama campaign says Clinton has "exaggerated her role" in foreign policy

(Hillary clearly smiling and walking with Chelsea)

If you were considering voting for Clinton... this story would make me, at the very least, have second thoughts. The fact that she lies about being shot at in Bosnia - not once, but twice - in order to bolster her campaign is fairly alarming.

The lie is blatant as I am certain one could tell whether or not they were being shot at.

Both Sinbad and Sheryl Crowe were on that flight (no joke), and neither of them complained about gunshots...

This Should Link to the video

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