Irish Drinking Games

Irish Quarters (basically gets you incredibly drunk)

Irish Quarters is a very simple and sexy, and it’s purely that: a “Drinking” game.

This game has one purpose: get drunk.

All you need is a Quarter, a cup, and lots and lots of beer (or an Irish themed mixer). Y

You can get drunk with as many people as you want. Don't drink alone unless entirely necessary.

Rules: Fill the cup as much as you think you want to drink, then spin the quarter (trying to keep it going for a long time), chug the beer in the cup as fast as you can.

Fill the cup back up (you can fill it as much as you want for the next person to drink), but you must grab the quarter before it stops spinning

If successful in chugging and refilling the cup, before the quarter stops spinning then you can pass on to the next player. If you didn’t get all the tasks accomplished and the quarter stopped then you must try again until you are successful, or until you can’t walk.

You can flick the quarter to keep it spinning
You can also choose who to pass the game on to if there is a large group of players and you want to get one of them really drunk... otherwise just go clockwise.

Irish Roulette (once again... incredibly drunk)

1) Everyone starts off by pouring a shot for themself.

2) All players count to 3 (in your favourite foreign language) and then roll their own die, the player with the lowest number has to take their shot.

3) If two or more players have the same number rolled AND they are both the lowest number rolled then those players must yell "Shotgun" (or pick your favourite word/Irish phrase/swear)- the last player to yell the word/phrase/swear has to take the shot.

4) "Accidental Shotgun" = In the event that a person has rolled the same number as someone else but it IS NOT the lowest number rolled by all players but they stupidly yell out "Shotgun" then that person (or persons if more than one person makes the mistake) AND the person who rolls the lowest number all have to take a shot.(Example, 3 people playing - 2 people roll 5's and the other rolls a 3 and one of the people who rolled 5 yells shotgun, that person plus the person who rolled 3 must take a shot)

5) On round 5 (AKA The Death Round) you go 1 person at a time, whoever's turn it is has to say ODD or EVEN, if they roll the opposite of what they called then they take their shot.

Depending on how many people you have, you can decide on the number of rounds...Most people decide to take a shot on the last round regardless, in fact, I'd make it mandatory...

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