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My Horoscope on Daily Horoscope.com says...

"Making your mark on the world for now may come as a team player. Achievement, ambition and authority are motivating factors in your decision-making process. Professionally, you will find yourself organizing and administering to people often. Your favorite scenario, from a professional stance however, is what happens when groups are gathered to accomplish, perform or change ideas, laws or life-styles. You like your life best when you are involved in group goals and you have a lot to offer; whether it is in the work place or the hobby club. Stay aware of the urges that motivate you. Carry your enthusiasm in the professional world, to your private world. A hobby club can be of benefit to the less fortunate. This evening you enjoy something unusual. "

I think horoscopes are generic and pointless... So if you are a Capricorn like I am... That's a post for you to mull over and disregard.


Here's how I actually feel (1-10 scale)

Happiness: 8/10
I suppose this would include everything that is rated below, and then some...

Money: 3/10
I work about 30hrs a week and only make a little over $200
My dad can potentially make less than me depending on commission
My mom is making less than she used to because she hasn't been healthy since September... a.k.a. can't go in to work.

Health: 6/10
I've been sick on and off for about 4 months.

Love: 10/10
Okay so it might not be "love" yet... but I haven't been this happy since... well ever.

Creativity: 7/10
I'm crazy, so I always have crazy thoughts.... crazy = crafty = creative???
Does now.

Energy: 5/10
I have to work 10 hours today... starting at 8am and finishing the 2nd job at 10:30pm

So averaging everthing together would not actually equal 8/10, but the current relationship with Kyle is making me that happy.

The End.


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