Missouri Residence Nervously Watch Levee

Rather than run for thier lives or try to save valuables from their homes, residents of a Meramec River town are praying, crossing their fingers, and "hoping like crazy" that the community's new earthen levee, will be able to retain the raging waters.

The Meramec river is expected to crest at 40 feet today, which is 24 feet above the flood stage and just three feet from the top of the levee.

(Truck driver still inside staring at distant levee)

45 year old Glenda Detrieche, a native to the area, was asked by YouReadyGrandma field reporter Corey Hine as to why she was not leaving. She responded, "I LIKE PUPPIES! Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies !!!"

(Detrieche clutching a puppy and staring at levee)

The vast majority of the townsfolk stood and watched the waters rise as Corey fled for safety...

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