Random Thoughts / 70th post

Hey guys and gals,

So I've been hearing a lot about how people read this ridiculous blog that we (mostly Dave) started and am thinking that I should post more often to keep them entertained.....

Tonight I was watching a debate on MSNBC between the two candidates for the Democratic presidential nominee. I was not impressed. Instead, very angry. Well not truly angry, just extremely frustrated at their nonsense talk about things they can't possibly achieve in the White House if they do get there.

That along with Dumbo-eared Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary "recordings of my voice should be used in torture camps at Guantanamo Bay" Clinton was enough to drive me up a wall. Instead I walked out to my kitchen and made a smoothie. And all was well.

If you were wondering it was a strawberry/blueberry/banana smoothie....excellent after 3 hours of vball practice. This now my classic anti-Demon-crat* smoothie. I'll start selling them soon. Along with my anti-Hillary t-shirts if she gets the nomination. (pictures soon to come)

*Demon-crat -- my new word for anyone that is not part of the Republican party....thank you Sarah :)

Oh and I got some good news over break....I got accepted to University of Toledo for their doctorate program in chemistry.....I'm pretty pumped about that so now I know I have one possible destination after SFU....now I'm waiting on other schools...Syracuse, Duquesne, and Arcadia.....but I think I'd only take Syracuse over Toledo....but we'll see...I have to visit them all and figure out where I'll end up......I'll update on here.....

And I believe this is our 70th post and I'm not really tired yet, I have time to do something else....

something special about the number 70....since I have a math minor, I have an appreciation for numbers....sometimes....

- Roman numeral: LXX
- Factorization: 2 5 7
- Divisors: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 14, 35, 70
- Binary code: 1000110
- atomic number for ytterbium
- the old testament allots three score and ten (70 years) for a man's life
- USA Interstate 70 runs from Utah to Maryland
- In years of marriage, it is the platinum anniversary
- In Jewish tradition, there is a core of 70 nations and 70 world languages

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starryeyedsarah said...

hhahaa use it with pride, corey.