Diversity at SFU?

So I occasionally check my Saint Francis e-mail and when I saw a letter from Father Gabe about "diversity" I wasn't particularly surprised. That is until I followed the link on the Localweb page and read the following:

"Diversity at Saint Francis

Saint Francis University, inspired by its Catholic and Franciscan values is committed to diversity and an inclusive campus. At SFU, diversity is the full range of human difference and potential that manifests itself in individual members of the campus community. Included in this range are many differences – race, gender, ethnicity, age, culture, national origin, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, lifestyle preference, political conviction and any other differences. Such campus diversity enriches the educational experience for students and contributes to a vibrant and high quality intellectual and cultural educational environment for all members of the SFU community."

I was particularly surprised about their inclusions of religious belief, sexual orientation, and political conviction. The school has been fairly closed-minded when it comes to all of these things.

Corey and I have seen first hand how your political views could limit access to club funding, allowed activities, inviting guest speakers, and the showings of movies.

Having exchanged a few emails with a particular Sister of the faith at Saint Francis, I know that they tend to look at homosexuality as an illness or sin that should be fixed or cured in some magical way.

In regard to religious beliefs, I wonder what they would do if someone started up an agnostic/atheist club on campus...

I'm not certain what they mean by "lifestyle preference," so I might shoot them an email to find out more.

Heck, I don't even go to SFU anymore and for some reason this makes me curious.


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Anonymous said...

St. Francis.... DIVERSE???


St. Francis is the very least diverse place to which I have ever been. I've seen more diversity at a McDonald's. SFU is white catholic kid central...