Catholic school bans rainbow

St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School of Ontario, Canada has banned the rainbow.  No skittles kids!  And if it rains... put on the horse blinders!

Seriously, some LGBT kids at the school were putting together an information booth, like all the other clubs are allowed to, and the school made them remove anything rainbow because it is "associated with pride."

They also had to put away fliers that twice mentioned safe sex and educated people on AIDS.

The students instead baked cupcakes that used a rainbow batter to raise funds.  They got away with that... well until they went to donate the $200 proceeds to a gay charity.  The school banned that.  They weren't allowed to donate to any gay friendly organization.

Instead they forced them to donate the money to a Catholic group.

The head of Queers of Ontario says that this just shows that the school has no interest in recognizing the existence of diversity. Do Catholics realize how many gay people there are, and how many are members of the church?

The student group plans to make their discrimination at the school public at the upcoming local Pride events. Of course, the principle doesn't want the students to mention what school they go to.

Private schools can make up their own rules... but at some point they need to realize that they are only getting bad publicity and looking like angry, scared and ignorant fools.

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