A few bad apples... can ruin everything. APPLES SUCK!!!

(Orchard Grandma) A few bad apples can ruin everything
A bunch of stereoappletypes

For example (por ejemplo Grandma), all South African apples are just lazy. All Mexican apples refuse to learn Applish and steal apple jobs that the sedentary treeless apples could have; that is, if they weren't just as awful as the Australian apples, who are actually all criminals (much like the South African Apples).

No surprise, most apples come from China, but are probably laced with lead, which is delicious (helpful for post-birth abortions as well) and they are cheaper because they are all grown by pre-adolescents apples who were abducted from their tree. Some of these young apples are sold into apple-trafficking rings where dirty worms penetrate them.

Iran is the 3rd largest producer of apples, which are all anti-McIntosh terror apples. They even used a hawk to fly into the two largest McIntosh trees, killing over 1,000 apples. Iranian apples are trying to (or may have already acquired) aphids.

All Middle Eastern female apples are required to wear full body garb in order to avoid provocation causing erect apple stems in public.

Jewish apples have long curly locks on each side of their heads. And silly hats invented by apples that were going bald. It makes sense if you don't think about it. Not that apples ever think.

Stereotypes are tantamount to ignorance. Clearly apples are synonymous with all humans. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the tree. If you read this far leave a comment, you must have been a bored apple. Some truth doesn't mean it is the truth. "Truthiness" should teach you that.

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