Bin Laden should still be alive?

Disregarding reality, the Monday morning political quarterbacking continues. Individuals of varying sanity levels have begun a pointless front-page debate about whether or not SEAL Team 6 should have killed Bin Laden.

Fox News opinion writer Ellen Ratner believes that we should have spared his life for research.

"There's been a debate about whether we should have tried to bring the terror mastermind back to the United States -- alive. I agree with Texas Congressman Ron Paul, we should not have killed Bin Laden if at all possible," said Ratner.

Although the root cause of Bin Laden brand terrorism is clearly a literal interpretation of his religious book, Ratner would rather have kept him alive and scanned his brain... because... well because she wished they had done that to Adolph Hitler as well.

"As PET scanners and fMRI tests became available later in the 20th Century, I couldn't help but wonder what Hitler's brain would have looked like under a scanner," states Ratner.

Ratner believes that this ONE person who was a religious terrorist should have been kept alive because, perhaps, the scanning of HIS specific brain could have told us why he did what he did. Really? Pay me the large amount of money you would have wasted doing this, let me shoot him in the face, and then I will tell you why he did it: He followed his religious book to the "T".

A brain scan of those with an exorbitant amount of religious zeal would provide more valuable information.

"The world might be a safer place in the future if we could have understood the anatomy and physiology of his brain," Ratner continued, "Some of the people who have been under these scanners have taught us a lot about criminal and violent minds."

Then she speculates about pornography... and.. ummm that might be interesting to have studied as well.  Maybe she's just lonely?

"On Friday we learned that Bin Laden also had an extensive pornography stash in his Pakistan compound. Although, to be honest, officials have not been about to confirm if it belonged specifically to him or if he even viewed it. Nevertheless, let's assume the porn collection was his (great writing here) and that he did spend time viewing it. Now his brain becomes even more interesting especially since certain types of pornography and violence can be linked together."

Was this written by a high school student the night before it was due?

You can read the rest of her "article," in which she basically refutes her own argument.  Her stance amounts to - "Look what we already know!!! Here's some generic information I found on Wikipedia... now let's speculate!"

Ratner:  "The medical documentation for violent and criminal minds continues to grow. Marina Nakic, a post doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Jordan Grafman found that viewing violent images is enough to activate the prefrontal cortex. Other studies have focused on the amount of Serotonin in the brain as it relates to violence and willingness to fight. The University of Cambridge in England found that anti-social children have less Cortisol when they are in stressful situations. In most of us it increases with stress and in these kids with a specific personality disorder the body produced less of the hormone. Another study found that psychopath's brains were different in brain scans. A team from King's College in London found a structure in the brain, the uncinate fasiculus, is different in psychopaths than in normal people. Other researchers have found a link between Traumatic Brain Injury and criminal behavior. Was Bin Laden possibly dropped on his head by one of his parents or caregivers during his childhood? Did he and his many brothers engage in "horse play" that might have caused brain damage? No one knows, and with his brain becoming fish food, our answers are lost forever. We could have learned valuable information about one of the most dangerous criminal minds ever, and now only the Arabian Sea contains the answers."

Really Ellen Ratner? This is what you "contribute" to Fox News?

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