Three SUVs Parked on Church Altar

The Greater Grace Temple, A Detroit Mega-Christian-church which has thousands of followers, prayed with 3 sport utility vehicles on their center stage/altar this past Sunday.


Because they wanted "God" to influence Congress to pass the car-maker bailout this week.

They put three brand-spankin'-new SUVs on the altar: a Ford Escape, a Chevy Tahoe from GM, and a Chrysler Aspen.

Logically, if they really wanted to make a difference, they could have sent a petition to Congress or something like that. But praying to their god with huge expensive SUVs on the altar apparently made more sense to them...

At least they got the press to cover the ridiculous event so that congress would see it. But, in my opinion, it was at the expense of looking crazy.

Since they are willing to pray with 3 SUVs on their center stage altar, I'm sure that they wouldn't mind helping any of you out with any prayer you have. No matter how ridiculous it might be. GIVE IT A SHOT (CLICK ME)

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